Trio the dream of every man

Which man does not dream of a date with two or more beautiful women? It is the ultimate fantasy of every man. The ladies enjoy it intensely to pamper you with one or more friends. If this has always been your dream, let your imagination become reality now. Experience the climax of your life by being loved by sexy women who love to excite you and each other.


This is an exciting game that gives excitement and fun for both the givers and the receiver. Our ladies love to pamper you two. Two pairs of cooperating hands will bring you to the peaks of intensity during this moment of surrender. The excitement is of course twice as big and this ultimate fantasy is more than worth it.

Dinner date Dining with sexy company

Would you like to get to know your date a bit better, a romantic evening with one of our models, or if you want a lady who accompanies you at a dinner with your business partners or friends in a restaurant of your choice, then our models will gladly accompany you. go there. Always chic and elegantly dressed, our models will escort you during a romantic and pleasant evening out. Our Escort helps you choose a restaurant in the city of your choice, of course we can make a reservation for you in the best restaurants if desired. With the right appropriate transport to the location.

sex lessons

Do you have little or no sexual experiences with women and would you like to experience them in a professional way that offers you confidence and security? Do you want to know what a woman wants and what she likes?

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for an exciting evening out in exciting company

Do you fancy a nice evening with yourself or your friends or business relations and one or more of our models in Leiden, or a city of your choice, anywhere in the world, then we are happy to be of service to possibly a VIP table arrange in an exclusive night club, reserve tickets for a concert or reserve a table in a fancy restaurant. Or do you like the casino and you can use some extra luck, then our models will also gladly accompany you there. If you do not know which night or restaurant you like, then let the team of Our Escorts advise you.

Couples For couples looking for tension

Our ladies are not only for individuals, the ladies are also available for couples who would like to have one of our models. that way you can experience a wonderful erotic experience.